Forensic Psychiatric Mental Health, Forensic Educator
Virginia, USA

Dr. Paul T. Clements is a psychiatric/forensic specialist from Virginia Beach, VA, USA. He is a Certified Gang Specialist, and was formerly Assistant Director/Bereavement Therapist at The Homicide Bereavement Center at the Office of the Medical Examiner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an experienced therapist, trainer, consultant, and critical incident/trauma response specialist with almost 15 years experience in management and crisis intervention. Dr. Clements has provided counseling and crisis intervention to over 1500 families of murder victims, as well as to high numbers of surviving family members in the aftermath of suicide, industrial and occupational deaths, motor vehicle accidents, sudden infant death syndrome, and other types of sudden violent death, as well as to survivors of interpersonal violence such as sexual abuse, rape, stalking and arson. Dr. Clements has provided nationwide corporate and hospital consultation to establish workplace procedures for violence prevention and development of risk assessment / management teams. In addition, he has conducted training and stress management seminars designed for State Police, EMTs, Child Protective Agency personnel, trauma/emergency nurses, attorneys and corporate executives.

Dr. Clements has been involved in news media and National Public Radio (NPR) related discussions regarding the offender, victims and survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings. Dr. Clements has numerous publications and conference presentations regarding stress, trauma, violence and aggression, coping after violent death and exposure to interpersonal violence and crime. He is an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse (CNS-BC) with national board certification as a Specialist in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Nursing. Dr. Clements holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychiatric Forensic Nursing from The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Clements is a Distinguished Fellow in the International Association of Forensic Nurses (DF-IAFN), and Associate Editor of the Journal of Forensic Nursing.