Criminalist, Forensic Chemist
California, USA

Robert Blackledge, retired forensic chemist, has been involved with both the practice and teaching of forensic science for well over thirty years. He began his forensic science career in 1971 when he was hired to work as a chemist in the crime lab of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Tallahassee. In 1977 Bob and his family moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where during the Cold War, the U.S. Army had a crime lab that served all the U.S. Forces located in Europe. During an eleven-year period in Europe, Bob honed his expertise in trace evidence, and especially physical evidence related to sexual assaults. Just before the Berlin Wall came down, Bob accepted a position as the Senior Chemist in the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Regional Forensic Laboratory in San Diego.

Bob has published approximately 40 papers and book chapters in forensic science literature. He is the editor for a book on trace evidence, Forensic Analysis on the Cutting Edge: New Methods for Trace Evidence Analysis He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Criminalistics Section), and also a member in the California Association of Criminalists, Southern Association of Forensic Scientists, and the American Chemical Society.

Bob lectures for the American Chemical Society. He has a vast background in evidence collection, and one of his many forensic related topics is Glitter as Forensic Evidence. If asked: "Which of your contributions to forensic science have given you the most satisfaction?" Bob would immediately reply that it was his association with the many students that he has mentored as interns in his lab and as their thesis advisor observed as they prepared to embark on a career in forensic science.