President, Director
Entrepreneur in Forensic Sciences
California, USA

Faye Battiste-Otto obtained licensure as a registered nurse in St. John’s, Newfoundland, thereafter immigrating to the United States and settling in Southern California where she initially distinguished herself in the applied nursing skill and management of emergency room medicine.

She has essentially devoted her professional nursing endeavors to forensic science as a career choice, using her many talents to create practical opportunities in the field. Since 1983, commencing with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County, California, USA, her company, American Forensic Nurses, has been providing a variety of mobile forensic evidence collection services to many of the major law enforcement agencies in Southern California. As the company grew, she expanded those services to include the examination of child and adult victims of sexual assault and abuse; in doing so establishing the first privately owned American company providing mobile forensic services to public entities. Through her vast experience and forensic training, she has developed many policies and procedures in the arena of evidence collection.

Through her production company, WNS Productions, she has created and produced, a one hour training DVD, The Sexual Assault Examination: Essential Forensic Techniques and Instructional Reference Guide. This DVD and training manual are specifically designed for professionals who are involved in sexual assault investigations and who conduct sexual assault medical forensic examinations. This indispensable DVD and training manual, describing the professional collection of forensic evidence from victims of sexual assault, is widely used as a training tool in domestic and foreign hospitals.

Her commitment to the expansion of education in forensic science led to the creation of the American Institute of Forensic Education, Inc., an online educational forum, dedicated to the advancement of forensic science; presenting comprehensive professional programs authored and taught by a faculty internationally recognized in the field of forensic science. Mrs. Otto is currently president of the American Institute of Forensic Education.

She has developed other professional and informational websites related to the field of forensic science and is forever expanding her knowledge and skill in this specialty.

As one of the founding members and former Director of the International Association of Forensic Nurses; and in recognition of her achievements and contributions as a pioneer in the field, she has received the prestigious Pioneer Award in Forensic Nursing, presented by the Association. In addition to her duties as President and CEO of American Forensic Nurses, Inc she serves on the Board of Trustees of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation headquartered in Sacramento, California.