COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is intended to assist those who wish to better understand the complexities of workplace violence as well as individuals and groups of people who are responsible for or who wish to establish workplace violence prevention initiatives at their work or agencies. This is much more than a planning course, although planning is certainly a part of what is being taught here. Many of the selections provide information that can be helpful for rank and file employees as well as managers and specialists as you deal with issues ahead of time with the hope of preventing workplace violence. This course reflects research and contributions from many professions.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize and easily use basic vocabulary terms and definitions appropriate to a deeper understanding of preventing violence in the workplace.
  2. Comprehend important general facts that will lead to a better understanding of the need for preventing violence in the workplace.
  3. Define and understand the four categories of workplace violence.
  4. Provide the basic steps to address the need for practice, guidance, planning, preparation, team building and dealing with disruptive situations.
  5. Develop competency in developing a program through the work of a planning group to address the issues of the prevention of workplace violence.
  6. Understand the four crucial steps in the planning process to prevent workplace violence: analyzing, filling the gaps, writing policies for reporting incidents, and writing plans to respond in the event of workplace violence.
  7. Comprehend other practical ways to prevent violence in the workplace.
  8. Develop the ability to observe and better understand individuals prone to violence.
  9. Understand how psychopathic bullies affect the workplace and how to deal with them.
  10. Learn to understand and trust intuitive apprehension when in the presence of a growing potential for violence.
  11. Have a commitment to organize or to become involved in a Workplace Violence Prevention Team in the workplace.
  12. Think critically and respond to actual cases where preventing violence in the workplace skills learned in the course would have been useful.


COURSE FEE: $208 (Group rates are available upon request. Contact .)

WHO MAY TAKE THIS COURSE: All persons in business leadership positions, such as managers, administrators, law enforcement, medical professionals, attorneys, allied health professionals, military and students.



PRESENTATION METHOD: This downloadable course is in PDF format.

TEACHING METHOD: This is a self-paced course.

DURATION: All course requirements must be completed within 6 months of enrollment.

METHOD OF COURSE GRADING: Pass/fail grading system. Course examination is multiple choice and true/false statements. When a score of less than 70% is received, the examination may be taken one time without charge. Contact: for further information regarding additional retakes of the examination.

METHOD OF COURSE EVALUATION: After successful completion of the course examination, a course evaluation must be submitted to .

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Upon completion of the course content, examination with a passing grade of 70% and evaluation, student will receive a certificate of completion.

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: Course instructions consist of readings, videos and links which are incorporated in the course.

SUGGESTED COURSE MATERIALS: All suggested course readings and links are incorporated in the course and should be self-explanatory.

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Course Procedure from start to completion.

All courses and materials are based on United States laws and regulations unless otherwise noted. Laws vary from state to state.