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Forensic Science Continuing Education Professional Training Programs

Offering your employees and students the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and academically through programs customized to meet your needs…

The American Institute of Forensic Education (AIFE)
Educational Alliances Program

The American Institute of Forensic Education offers Educational Alliances Programs to businesses, corporations and academic institutions that are committed to education in the workplace and nurturing the professional development of itsemployees and students.We develop andoffer a variety of forensic science continuing education professional training programs for forensic scientists and related professionals.

AIFE offers customized corporate training and development programs that offer value and flexibility meeting the forensic issues of the day.We develop and use curricula based upon the forensic needs of the workplace.Another added benefit is our Virtual campus, which provides students with the opportunity to study, learn and acquire new skills while remaining productive at work.

Upon request, AIFE will develop and deploy a customized curricula based upon the established criteria ofyour academic institution.This program enables the institution to provide the flexibility of additional continuing forensic education to existing students.Certificates of completion are awarded after course program conclusion.

AIFE will streamline the enrollment and payment administration processes and provide a dedicated staff and personalized web link, if applicable.We offer a customized curriculum that’s based on specific business needs and solves specific business problems.

Students can learn on any Internet-connected PC in virtual classrooms that deliver rich, immersive learning experiences accommodating a broad range of study habits and schedules.

An educational alliance with AIFE is beneficial to businesses and its employees, academic institutions and its students.To learn more about AIFE, our programs, or how to become an Educational Alliance, please email or telephone us at 760 322.9925.