Essential Tips to Make Your Narrative Essay Shine – Apply to College Now!

A narrative essay is one where you are allowed to write in the first person. It is also the most commonly requested essay writing style used for college applications. I found that honing my skills as a narrative essay writer became very important when I first started looking for college admission. You should really start learning how to write narrative essays as soon as possible so that you are able to produce a high quality essay for your college application. Here I explain how to write a narrative essay by giving you the outline and format that is required, along with a few tips to help you.

Narrative Essay Outline

The thing about a narrative essay is that the best ones are memorable, and if you want to write a good narrative essay, you are going to need a very good outline to guide you. You can explain how you made a big decision, how you experienced some sort of success or how something changed your life.

It is important to create an outline for your narrative essay so that you can arrange the narrative into a logical order. There is often a timeline involved with a narrative, and you will find it far easier to keep things consistent and coherent if you outline your narrative essay beforehand.

Narrative Essay Format

The format of a narrative essay is probably one of the most loose of all essay types. There are a lot of conventions that comes with writing a narrative essay, but very few rules. You do not need to have a conclusion, but it is advisable that there is a story arch which ends at the very end of the essay. Some people create a summary that they add in at the end, which they will usually relate to what was said during the introduction.

The introduction of a narrative essay assignment has three main purposes. The first is to show the reader what you wish to narrate, the second is to lead them into the narrative, and the third is to give the reader a reason to continue reading. The third point will include getting your reader involved in the narrative essay. Some people do this with a generalization that applies to many people, and others do this with a hook of some sorts, which encourages people to keep reading. The body should consist of a story arch, where progress is made, either through time or through an issue (e.g. how your opinion was changed from one standpoint to another).

Narrative Essay Topics

Choosing topics for narrative essays should be fairly easy, since most are written in the first person. This means that you can lift a story right out of your own life. You do not need to add observations and sensory details, but you can if you feel that it adds to the narrative. If you choose a topic that is close to you, then you will find it easier to add sensory details and your opinion.

Choosing to write a scholarship narrative essay or a college application essay is a very good idea. Many people write such essays and curate information that they have researched. Whereas with a narrative essay, you are able to express a true story that is relevant to your application and your future studies. You can show the admin staff that you have what it takes, by describing a series of events that prove just that.