Jackie Robinson Essay

Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball player who made history when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. When that day had stepped, a barrage of criticism initially led to Robinson’s mistreatment by fans and other players alike. But he withstood the discrimination and rose above it, continuing to serve as a symbol of the civil rights movement because he knew for sure that North winning the war gave him the best opportunity to a sports career. Historians give different reasons for explaining why the northerners won the victory in the American Civil War. But which of them became decisive and allowed the North to prevail over the South? The main reason, of course, was the numerical superiority of the northerners. Another important factor was the transition to the side of the northern states of the entire American fleet, which made it possible to blockade the south.

The American Civil War as a Perspective of Sports Development

The American Civil War is one of the most significant events in the history of the country because:

  • it was a bloody war;
  • completely new in tactics and means used;
  • the railways played a significant role in the hostilities.

The question that has been troubling the minds of both historians and ordinary people for many years now is the reasons for the victory of the North. The northern states were inhabited mainly by enterprising people from the bottom. Emigrants from all over the world flocked here in search of a better life. They developed industry, erected large cities, and built railways. The northern states guaranteed personal freedom to everyone and sought to create a capitalist state with strong centralized power. That is the main reason why Jack Robinson got the opportunity to develop his career thanks to the North winning the war that can be greatly described in jackie robinson essay, as sport and war are two aspects of one game, in which no one cares about the color, shape, and fate of resources, if only they bring results. This man forever erased the racial barrier in baseball and shattered stereotypes and if you need to write essay today about that legend, you know where to go.

The Main Career Aspects of Jack Robinson

For most of his career, Robinson faced tremendous hostility when the Dodgers were on the road. Fans threw vile racial epithets at him, and death threats were commonplace. The hoteliers refused to allow him to stay at their establishments. Restaurant owners denied him food in their establishments. But at home in Brooklyn, it was very different. In Brooklyn, after World War II, just over 2.5 million people, men, and women of almost all races and nationalities found their homes. It was far from an idyllic post-racist utopia, but people tended to be more receptive to other people than in many other places in the United States. It is not surprising that such a life did not seem tempting for young and strong guys with skin of the wrong color, and they, unlike their parents, made their way upstairs with all their might.