Hello, and Welcome to the American Institute of Forensic Education!

During my thirty-year career as a registered nurse, I believe that my most rewarding experience has been the discovery of forensic science as a valuable adjunct to my nursing acumen. Frequently nurses are the first medically educated people to observe evidence of trauma as related to suspected crime. This discovery led me to initially become involved in the examination of adult victims of sexual assault, and later child abuse. I became painfully aware that many law enforcement and health service providers lacked the fundamental forensic science basic skills and techniques that I had learned to appreciate as essential for performing such a vital and sensitive examination. This was the source of my inspiration to develop my first venture in the field of forensic education by offering a course of study for licensed professionals wishing to become Sexual Assault Examiners. Later, I expanded my initiatives to include the development of online courses in other fields of forensic science.

Forensic science is a rapidly evolving field with new knowledge and techniques surfacing almost daily. It is a challenging field that serves to necessarily complement our judicial system in ensuring the fair adjudication of criminal justice. Together with the faculty and staff at the American Institute of Forensic Education, I hope that you will find our forensic science courses and programs both enlightening and enriching for your career.