Grab Your Guide to the college search

Spring is a season of new beginnings. By now, you must be ready to tackle the college search. I don’t mean you have to make any decisions on which is your number one college choice, but more like a deep dive into narrowing your options down to a concise college list. This list is ideally has no more than 15 colleges/universities, including at least 2 reach schools, 2 target schools, and 2 safety schools.

Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

Scholarships essays are very important because they captivate the selection committee and encourage them to care about the applicants. Writing a good essay is difficult because it requires good writing skills and dedication of a lot of time. Students do not how to write scholarship essays well to impress the judges. In order to entice judges, the essays written should be compelling and have an introductory paragraph that is eye catching. Due to the problems that applicants face when writing scholarship essays, they are forced to seek assistance from scholarship college essay writing service.